Integrated Care

Digital Health solutions can play a pivotal role in providing better care.

To unleash the full potential a fundamental change to the existing care delivery is required. Integrated care allows for a better overall coordination of care and resources.

A shift in focus from acute care to wellness and prevention must take place. More coordination is needed between the different care actors.

New governance models are to be put in place to facilitate value-based health care.

Healthcare professionals should be appropriately knowledgeable about and skilled to work with new digital health technologies. Patients should be empowered and given the tools to monitor and self-manage their health.

COCIR is committed to building multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance integrated and patient-centric care models.

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COCIR was a founding a partner of the Integrated Care Alliance (ICA). ICA was a dedicated group of multi-stakeholders’ experts working together to provide direction, advice and guidance for integrated care schemes. The goal was to strengthen and expand integrated, sustainable health and care services across the EU Member States.

COCIR is a Champion for the Blueprint of Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society. Linked to that commitment COCIR is also participating in the WE4AHA Coordination and Support Action, that aims to advance the effective, large-scale uptake and impact of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing.

COCIR is a partner in the Digital Health Europe project that aims to support the digital transformation of health and care through collaborative multi-stakeholder communities.