Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA)

Since 2010, COCIR has been leveraging the expertise of its membership to the development and implementation of a unified European approach to Health Technology Assessment. This included, among others, sharing insights for an effective European Regulation on Health Technology Assessment, providing input to the EUnetHTA initiatives in support of the development of effective criteria and methodologies for the optimal assessment of new health technologies.

The EUnetHTA Joint Action 1 (2010-2012) was set up to put into practice an effective and sustainable HTA collaboration in Europe that brings added value at the European, national and regional level by:

  • facilitating the efficient use of HTA in countries across Europe
  • supporting long-term strategic planning for the development of HTA providing an access point for expert advice on HTA across Europe, thus providing a gateway to European HTA agencies and producers
  • creating sustainable systems for knowledge sharing and provision of tools to assist the production of HTA in European countries
  • providing an access point for communication with European umbrella stakeholder organisations to encourage HTAs to systematically cover a wide range of perspectives
  • developing alliances with contributing fields of research to support a stronger and broader evidence base for HTA.

Following the EUnetHTA JA1, a 2nd Joint Action -running from October 2012 to September 2015 - promoted the creation of a permanent network on HTA as stated in the Directive on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare. The article 15 of the Directive sets up a voluntary network connecting national authorities and bodies responsible for HTA appointed by the Member States. The purpose of the HTA network shall be to support and facilitate cooperation and exchange of scientific information among Member States. Although the network will consist of Member State representatives, the Directive also specifies that stakeholders should be involved and consulted on the network’s activities.

In 2021, COCIR contributed to the works of EUnetHTA21, including through bilateral meetings with the EUnetHTA21 experts.