Innovative Health Initiative

The Innovative Health Initiative

The Innovative Health Initiative  (IHI) supports innovative European medical and digital health technology companies (both big and small), universities, healthcare professionals and patient groups to create more value in health.

Any organisation established in the EU or a country associated to Horizon Europe is eligible to receive IHI funding.

COCIR’s membership in the Innovative Health Initiative is coordinated via our Research & Innovation Focus Group. If you are interested to join this community of like-minded organisations, you can contact info(at)

Find out more here about: Open Calls; Why apply for IHI funding; How to find partners for your consortium.

COCIR members are committed to delivering highly innovative technologies to patients and healthcare professionals. Promoting Research and Innovation has been a long-standing goal for COCIR to help achieve our vision of improving access to affordable, safe and quality healthcare,

In 2018, COCIR came together with four other European industry associations representing pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and digital health technologies sectors (EFPIA, MedTech Europe, EuropaBio and Vaccines Europe) to propose an institutionalized Public-Private Partnership under Horizon Europe, the Research & Innovation Framework Programme of the European Union.

COCIR’s enthusiastic participation to this partnership reflects our strong belief the EU should Invest in the entire innovation cycle (from research and innovation, through commercialisation to standardisation and deployment) as a key enabler for economic growth, and that progress and innovation cannot take place in silos.

The Single Basic Act establishing the Joint Undertakings under Horizon Europe was finally adopted in November 2021.

Among the Joint Undertakings, the Innovative Health Initiative is a unique cross-sectoral initiative aiming at strengthening Europe’s position at the forefront of health innovation by bringing together public and private knowledge, resources and experts. The goal is always to increase access to the best healthcare for European patients, improve the quality and safety of healthcare technologies, while supporting optimal use of resources by healthcare systems.

The IHI partners combined represent a vibrant and connected research and innovation ecosystem.
COCIR’s contribution to the partnership lies in the strong expertise brought by our members through equipment, software, prototypes and their significant know-how in turning health data into patient centric information.

The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) details the areas IHI should work on and helps to guide IHI’s decisions on which ideas should be turned into call topics. Found out more here.

For IHI Model Consortium Agreement that the industry associations will recommend and use in IHI projects, click here: PDF version; Word version.