COCIR has engaged a regular dialogue with the  European Commission Directorate General for Trade (DG Trade), and in particular in the framework of  WTO regular Technical Barrier to Trade notifications on international regulatory initiatives.

DG Trade is mainly working to

  • create a global system for fair and open trade
  • access markets for European companies, their workers and investors

DG Trade is working to maintain the global trading system to be open, predictable and fair, and to ensure it adapts to a fast-changing world. The goal is to create growth and jobs for Europeans by increasing their opportunities to trade with the world. This is particularly important in the context of current economic conditions.

EU trade policy also aims to open new markets for European exporters, workers and investors through trade agreements to reduce the tariffs and other barriers to the markets of our trading partners.

They are working closely with countries outside Europe to:

  • remove persistent problems for exporters,
  • open up new opportunities for European investment, and
  • reduce counterfeiting and piracy of European goods.