Blockchain has transformative potential for our health and care systems. Adoption will be gradual, but it offers the potential to create new business models in the healthcare sector.

Trusted exchange of health data may lead not only to doing things differently, but also to doing new things.

Potentially, one of the most influential effects will be to provide  patients with control over their own health data. Blockchain will effectively allow them to manage consent and access to their health data where they see fit.

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COCIR has been one of the founding members of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA).

The aim of INATBA is

-    to maintain a permanent and constructive dialogue with public authorities and regulators that will contribute to the convergence of regulatory approaches to blockchain and other distributed legder technology globally

-    to promote an open, transparent and inclusive global model of governance for blockchain and other distributed ledger technology infrastructures that reflects the shared interests of stakeholders from industry, start-ups and SMEs, civil society organisations, governments and international organisations

-    to support the development and adoption of interoperability guidelines, specifications and global standards, to enhance trusted, traceable, user-centric digital services

-    to develop sector-specific guidelines and specifications for the development and acceleration of trusted sectorial blockchain and distributed ledger technology applcations in specific sectors