Digital Health

COCIR members develop innovative Digital Health solutions that have the potential to increase access to healthcare, improve the quality and safety of healthcare products and services while driving cost efficiency.

Digital Health describes the application of ICT technologies across the whole range of functions that affect the health sector. Digital Health includes tools for health authorities and professionals as well as personalised health systems for patients and citizens.

Health is an increasingly data-rich environment, with the quantity of health data available increasing exponentially; this ranges from day-to-day care, through clinical trials to the growing popularity of wearable devices. Analysing this information will provide greater insights into what really works – the fundamentals of value-based healthcare.

Digital Health solutions can support patients making conscious decisions and changes for a healthy lifestyle. Clinicians can make better-informed, evidence-based decisions for their patients. On a management level, by connecting the various aspects of healthcare provision it can reduce wasted time and resources, improve record keeping and patient management.

COCIR is taking the lead in building a coherent vision for using digital health to benefit all. Member companies have the technology and expertise to inform discussions on advancing all aspects of digital health.

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