SRI Status Reports

The SRI Status Report is the reporting tool which is published annually to communicate to the European Commission and interested parties the results achieved by the SRI in reaching the set targets.

The SRI Status Report is reviewed by an independent third party, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to provide assurance that the data collection and treatment has been performed at best providing solid and representative results.

The Status Report 2017, published in 2018, shows the excellent results of the MRI initiative on energy consumption and introduces the new project to introduce the management of hazardous chemicals as next step of the initiative.

The Status Report 2016, published in 2017, reports about the remarkable achievements of the MRI project and digs deeper in the methodology for quantifying the circularity of the medical devices sector, estimating sub-indexes.

The Status Report 2015, published in 2016, continues the monitoring of the improvements of average performance of MRI and introduces a new concept methodology for the estimation of an index on circular economy in the medical imaging sector.

The Status Report 2014, published in 2015, tracks the continuous improvement in the market average performance of MRI equipment and analyze PET and SPECT nuclear imaging modality under the COCIR SRI methodology.

The Status Report 2013, published in 2014, presents the achievements for magnetic resonance and the ecodesign goal for computed tomography and x-ray. Monitoring of ultrasound is presented as well, despite the conclusion of the pilot project in 2012.

The SRI Status Report 2012, published in 2013, presents the achievements for ultrasound and magnetic resonance and the the ecodesign goal for  computed tomography.

The SRI Status Report 2011, published in 2012, tracks the results of the ultrasound pilot project and presents the ecodesign target for magnetic resonance equipment.

The SRI Status Report 2010, published in 2011, shows the achievements in the ultrasound pilot project and the initial steps of applying the new SRI v2 Methodology to magnetic resonance imaging equipment.