The Global Diagnostic Imaging Healthcare IT & Radiation Therapy Trade Association Launches Website

Digital Platform Will Promote International Cooperation and Communication in Medical Industry

WASHINGTON, DC - The Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT & Radiation Therapy Trade Association (DITTA) today announced the launch of its website. DITTA’s digital presence will serve as a platform to advance the organization’s goals of more effective collaboration among its members as well as communication with external stakeholders. At present, DITTA membership includes COCIR (Europe), JIRA (Japan), MEDEC (Canada) and MITA (United States).

“With DITTA’s new website, our associations have taken another step forward to communicate to external parties the importance of technological advancements in the products our members manufacture to improve the quality of life for people across the globe,” said Gail Rodriguez, DITTA Chair. “Together we will work to ensure that our member companies remain at the forefront of technological innovation and continue to be successful in the global marketplace.”

Rodriguez, Executive Director of MITA, will serve as DITTA Chair through 2012 working in concert with Nicole Denjoy, Vice Chair of DITTA and Secretary General of COCIR alongside DITTA General Managers Mitsuro Tokugawa, Senior Manager of JIRA’s International Department and Klaus Stitz, MEDEC’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.

“We are excited to launch our website and enter a new era of international cooperation in the global medical imaging and radiation therapy marketplace,” said Tokugawa and Stitz. Denjoy added that “We expect DITTA to grow, and jointly we will continue to leverage our combined expertise to expand patient access to life-saving medical imaging and radiation therapy, improve safety and call for necessary regulatory harmonization worldwide in view of cost containment.”

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