Medtech Industry Ecodesign Initiative Moves To Next Level

As part of the COCIR Self-Regulatory Ecodesign Initiative launched in 2006, the first Annual Forum was held in Brussels this week, bringing together COCIR members, some Member State representatives and the European Commission. This important event takes the Ecodesign Initiative to even greater levels of transparency and industry stakeholder engagement.

Since 2006, COCIR has taken the lead on reducing the environmental impact of medical imaging equipment. As the first European healthcare trade association to take a proactive approach on Ecodesign, COCIR is setting the example to other sectors on how to successfully self-regulate and improve the environmental profile of their products. New methodology setting Ecodesign targets for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment was presented at the meeting.

Freimut Schroeder, Chair of the COCIR Environmental Policy Committee said, “This week’s first Annual Forum is an important step in an ongoing process and is proof of COCIRs commitment to environmental protection and Ecodesign. By integrating Ecodesign principles into our equipment design, we not only contribute to environmental performance but also to maximising energy efficiency while continuously improving access to healthcare.”

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, added, “We welcome the support and commitment of the Consultation Forum and the European Commission. The COCIR Ecodesign Initiative is truly delivering improved environmental performance and is a benchmark for self-regulatory engagement.”

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