Imaging equipment: installed base remains in need of replacement


BRUSSELS – 28 February 2019

Despite COCIR raising the alarm as early as 2014, the age of the installed base of medical imaging equipment in Europe continues to increase. To draw attention to this worrying trend, COCIR is presenting new data on the current situation in four modalities of medical imaging, graphically demonstrating the extent of the issue. These are launched today at the European Congress of Radiology ECR2019 in Vienna, the most important meeting of its kind in Europe.

The data – presented in infographic form - clearly illustrate the ongoing deterioration in the European installed base for all four product modalities measured by COCIR; Computed Tomography (CT); Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); X-Ray Angiography / Interventional and Molecular Imaging Positron Emission Tomography (MI-PET). Approximately a fifth of these are now more than ten years old. This makes them challenging to be properly maintained and repaired and – more worryingly - suboptimal for conducting many modern procedures. Approximately CT 2,900 units; 2,100 MRI units; 1,800 units for X-Ray Angiography/Interventional and MI-PET 220 units are over the ten-year old threshold. COCIR will publish an in-depth overview of numerical data in the coming weeks.

The ECR2019 congress also marks the fifth anniversary of the formation of EuroSafe Imaging, whose mission is to support and strengthen medical radiation protection in Europe. COCIR has been a partner and supporter of EuroSafe since its inception.

COCIR Secretary General, Nicole Denjoy says, “COCIR fully supports EuroSafe’s aims and work; indeed, our industries are committed to continuously improving the safety and performance of their innovative technologies. This is why this worrying trends on ageing equipment is an ongoing concern and why we felt important to use this flagship event to share these critical data. We encourage national and regional governments and EU policymakers to demonstrate support for replacing obsolete equipment and bring the benefits of the latest advances to all EU citizens.” She adds that, “In the last ten years, the number of countries meeting the COCIR ‘Golden Rules[i]’ has not significantly improved; indeed, the situation for CT and MRI has deteriorated even further”.

Medical imaging, radiotherapy and digital technologies developed by industries covered by COCIR directly contribute to patient safety and quality. COCIR members remain committed to continuously enhancing both quality and safety through constant research and innovation to ensure best support is given to healthcare providers and to ultimately benefit the citizens in Europe and beyond.


[i]COCIR “Golden Rules” for the appropriate mix in the age profile of installed equipment:

1.    At least 60 percent of the installed equipment base should be less than five years old.

2.    No more than 30 percent of the installed equipment base should be between six to ten years old.

3.    No more than 10 percent of the age profile should be more than ten years old.


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