IHE Press Release: IHE-Europe delivers eHealth that works for patients in series of demonstrations

26 April 2011 -- Delivering on the promise that electronic health information can improve patient care and enhance productivity for healthcare systems, IHE- Europe has created a series of showcases to powerfully demonstrate the emerging potential for eHealth.

At the World of Healthcare IT (WoHIT) from May 10-12, 2011, in Budapest IHE- Europe will partner with the event organizer, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), to create the Interoperability Showcase.

A centerpiece of the WoHIT exhibition, the showcase will feature live demonstrations of data exchanges between hospitals, homes and physician offices that create a seamless continuum of care using electronic health records and medical devices validated as compatible through IHE-based profiles for connectivity.

At Medica 2011, the world's largest trade fair for medical technology held in Düsseldorf Nov. 16-19, 2011, the IHE Pavilion and Showcase will highlight leading products for eHealth from vendors that have successfully passed testing at IHE Connectathons for interoperability.

Real-world deployments for exchanging health records within regional healthcare systems using IHE integration profiles for Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) will be a primary focus for the Medica 2011 presentations.

"The time for talking about eHealth is over as more and more healthcare systems begin real-world implementations of systems to exchange real patient data," said Peter Kueneke, the co-chair of IHE-Europe representing vendors. "This year we are demonstrating products that are being deployed and delivering on the promise of eHealth."

"Medical devices and information systems validated as robust and reliable with IHE profiles are moving out of the development pipeline and can be found at the bedside of patients where they are needed," said Jacqueline Surugue, the User Co-chair for IHE-Europe. "IHE showcases put these tools in the hands of caregivers to help them determine where they can best be used."

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