Defining Tomorrow’s Legislation on the Privacy and Protection of Health Data

Data protection in healthcare applications is key for users’ confidence in healthcare solutions like eHealth.  COCIR, the leading industry voice on Health ICTs, welcomes the European Commission’s revision of the current data protection legislation as it will define how personal data - including health data - should be collected, processed, stored and exchanged.  The revised Directive is expected to be tabled in 2012.

In addition to COCIR’s contribution to last year’s public consultation, COCIR has just released a position paper with industry recommendations calling for an efficient and harmonised data protection framework in the EU.  The forthcoming legislation should also take into account innovative technologies that support data flows, such as eHealth, mobile health and cloud computing.  These technologies are key to improve quality of care and to optimise data flows.

COCIR Secretary General, Nicole Denjoy said “We need to move from the current fragmented legislative framework to a more uniform EU legislation which would allow the exchange of data across borders, in order to maximise the availability of health data at the point of care in a safe manner.”

COCIR is ready to share its members’ competencies in evaluating the operational costs of data protection and invites other stakeholders to work together in building trust and confidence in a sustainable healthcare system for tomorrow.

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