Open consultation on sustainability criteria for purchasing of medical imaging equipment

Brussels - 28 September 2023 - The “Medical Equipment Proactive Alliance for Sustainable Healthcare” is pleased to invite your contributions to the public consultation on the “Criteria for sustainable purchasing of medical imaging equipment”.

In 2021 COCIR, Vizient and HealthTrust Purchasing Group signed a letter of intent to  promote the sustainability of medical imaging technology for the advancement of health care and the protection of environment and human health.
To achieve these goals, the 3 organizations have developed harmonized sustainability criteria to set clear, ambitious but manageable targets and realistic implementing deadlines.

Based on the "State of Sustainability Research for Medical Imaging Equipment" by the Global Electronics Council, after 2 years of work, we are proud to publish our draft guidance for the purchasing of medical imaging technologies, comprising a set of sustainability criteria that can be used in any procurement process.

Your contribution is very important to ensure this joint initiative will drive purchasing of medical devices towards a more sustainable healthcare. All contributions will be assessed and a final report about the consultation will be released with the final version of the "Guidance on implementation of sustainable purchasing/green public procurement policies for medical imaging devices: list of relevant criteria".

To contribute, go to Related Links or to the QR code in Related Files

This consultation runs from 29 September to 15 December.