COCIR welcomes the provisional agreement on the review of the EU rules on batteries

COCIR welcomes the  provisional agreement reached between Parliament and Council on Friday 9 December on the review of the EU rules on batteries.

The implementation of a regulation aimed at strengthening EU legislation on batteries and waste batteries is critical for ensuring a clean energy transition while safeguarding the competitiveness of European industry and supply chains.

COCIR, which represents the united industry voice of manufacturers of the medical imaging, radiation therapy and digital health sectors, welcomes the agreement, as it recognises the specificity of complex medical devices used in hospitals, allowing batteries to be replaced by trained professionals during maintenance or repair.

“The safety of users and patients is the key concern of COCIR Members. Only highly trained and qualified technicians can safely operate on very complex medical devices, ensuring they remain safe and operational for the benefit of patients”, stated Annabel Seebohm, COCIR Secretary General. “The Parliament, Council and European Commission rightly recognised this specificity and secured continuous access to critical medical devices”.

For many years, COCIR Members have been proactive in developing environmentally performing technologies and are at the forefront of sustainable initiatives by proactively embedding environmental objectives throughout their products’ lifecycles.