COCIR Position Paper on The EC Proposal for a Regulation on Health Technology Assessment

COCIR welcomes the EC proposal on HTA cooperation in the European Union in which the majority of the concerns highlighted in COCIR contribution to the European Commission public consultation on strengthening of the EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessment are considered.

Now that the EC proposal in under consideration by the European Parliament and the Council we would like to highlight COCIR key messages on HTA which are further elaborated from two perspectives: the process and the governance.
1. COCIR believes it is important that multi-application technologies remain out of scope of the proposed legislation;
2. Should an HTA cooperation be implemented in EU, COCIR recommends developing and use methods, data requirements and outcome measures that are appropriate for and tailored to the specificities of medical technologies;
3. In addition to the above, HTA cooperation in Europe should involve all relevant stakeholders, through an open and transparent dialogue throughout the whole process.

Download the position paper here.