Two New Members in 2007 For COCIR

COCIR is delighted to announce that two new members joined COCIR since the begining of 2007 – one national association from Finland and one new  corporate company member.  


The new corporate company member Fujifilm is active in the healthcare field, having developed and supplied many unique products such as x-ray film, Imager, computed radiography, and PACS.  In particular, Fujifilm is well known as a pioneer of Computed Radiography which was launched in 1983.  With its long and rich experience in the medical diagnostics field, Fujifilm aims to contribute its best efforts to better human health and improved quality of life.  For more details refer to


The Finnish Healthcare Technology Association (FiHTA) is the national branch organisation for medical technology companies in Finland.  With 26 member companies from SME's to major multinationals operating in medical electronics, biomaterials, in-vitro diagnostics, and diagnostic imaging, FiHTA is as a branch association of the Technology Industries of Finland.  Finland prides itself on its innovative medtech sector and many market leaders. 

Those 2 new members will bring their valuable experience and knowledge to COCIR which is representing healthcare industries at the European level. At the same time, those 2 new members will also benefit from the COCIR knowledge in this field too.