News on the Partnership Against Cancer

COCIR has taken part as an industry stakeholder in the preparatory meetings of the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer which was held on 7-8 December 2009 in Brussels. Approximately 120 participants, representing both Member States and industry stakeholders attended this initiative from more than 20 countries. The meetings were divided into four sub-groups focusing on prevention, best practices, research and information, with a COCIR representative in each of the four sessions.

Following the setting up of a Steering Committee led by Slovenia with the support of the European Commission's Health and Consumer directorate (DG SANCO), identified leading organisations will meet by the end of January 2010 to develop further the aims of each of the four working groups. COCIR is happy to have been retained in a leading role together with Euregha in setting up a platform to compile best practices across Europe. In addition, a virtual partnership will be created to allow access to a greater number of stakeholders.

The European Commission is reinforcing its long-term commitment to the fight against cancer by launching the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer. The overall aim of the Partnership, which is initially planned for 2009-2013, is to support Member States and other stakeholders in their efforts to tackle cancer more efficiently by providing a framework for identifying and sharing information, capacity and expertise in cancer prevention and control. It aims to engage a wide range of stakeholders across the EU in a collective effort and with a common commitment to addressing cancer. It will also help to avoid scattered actions and duplication of efforts, and contribute to better use of the limited resources available.??By the end of the Partnership, the objective is for all Member States to have integrated cancer plans. The long-term aim set out by the Commission Communication is to reduce cancer by 15% by 2020.

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