COCIR Plays An Active Role In eHealth 2009, Prague

COCIR and its members are pleased to participate in the inter-ministerial eHealth 2009 conference, being held on 19-20 February in Prague under the Czech EU Presidency with the support of the European Commission.  The series of eHealth conferences has brought together interested stakeholders over the years to work on strengthening the future of eHealth in Europe. 

In Prague, COCIR will be organising a pre-conference session ‘eHealth: From Promises To Sustainable Aims’.  Industry, policymakers and decision-makers are invited to sit together and discuss the market reality as well as the benchmarking information needed to make strategic planning decisions.  The session takes place on 19 February from 8.30-9.30 am.

With 50 years’ experience in the healthcare field, COCIR is the only European association representing healthcare IT.  We feel that despite efforts to justify expenditure in eHealth in recent years, the typical investment levels in healthcare IT have remained static at around 1-2% of total revenue.  The European Commission has realised the importance of eHealth and is funding a number of projects which COCIR is taking part in.  But getting the message out to a wider audience is today’s healthcare IT challenge.

For more information on the COCIR pre-session, download the invitation or contact us.  To visit the official eHealth site, go to