IHI Call Days - Call 3

Online, 12-15 December 2022

IHI is organising an online event focused on IHI call 3. In addition to webinars focused on our rules and procedures and preparing the financial part of your proposal, we will hold webinars focused on the individual topics. The topic-focused events will be divided into 3 main activities: 

  1. Info session - where you learn more about the call topics and the rules and procedures
  2. Matchmaking time - Special allocated timeslots for you to identify and meet potential consortium partners.
  3. Pitching sessions - the pitching sessions are an opportunity to showcase how your consortium would address the requirements of the topic and explain what expertise you are looking for to complete the consortium. Pitching allows you to showcase how your skills, expertise and resources would be an asset for a consortium applying for a given topic.