Obsolescent Technology undermining efforts to enhance Patient Safety: COCIR calls for urgent action

BRUSSELS – 8 November 2016 – Obsolescent imaging technology, which is too old to benefit from the latest radiation dosage reduction, is undermining efforts to enhance patient safety. This is the main finding of the 2016 COCIR Medical Imaging Equipment Age Profile and Density. The Opens external link in new windowreport, launched today to coincide with International Day of Radiology, shows that the installed base of medical imaging equipment is now older than ever before, and that the overall equipment density in Western Europe is declining.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, said; “On International Day of Radiology, we should be celebrating the benefits that innovative technologies have brought to society. Moving towards non-invasive technologies becomes routine. Medical imaging technologies play an increasingly pivotal role in improving how we diagnose and monitor diseases.”

She continued; “However, rather than embracing these benefits, it is disappointing to report that the age profile of the installed base of medical imaging equipment continues to deteriorate. There are now more than 3000 scanners in Europe so old that patients and healthcare professionals can no longer benefit from technological advances that reduce required radiation dose. Our members are continuously innovating and advancing their imaging technology to minimise patient exposure to radiation; it is part of a shared commitment to enhancing safety. Industry is making its contribution to this commitment – other stakeholders need to make theirs.”

Despite the clear and irrefutable advantages of updating Medical Imaging Technology, our latest COCIR report available today confirms the continuing steady decline of newest technology for such equipment in the installed base. COCIR therefore calls upon national and regional governments and EU policymakers to support replacing obsolescent equipment. Cost should not be a barrier; using cohesion policy funding to ensure investment and the European Fund for Strategic Investments for adopting and diffusing Managed Services can make equipment renewal affordable.

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