COCIR response on the revision of the NIS Directive (IIA)

13 August 2020

COCIR welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the combined roadmap and inception impact assessment on the revision of the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS Directive) as published by the European Commission.

As we face major technological, cultural and geopolitical shifts in our current society there is a strong need for Europe to reassess its strategic positioning on security-related aspects. Whereas the implementation of the NIS Directive has initially helped to build cybersecurity capacity and capabilities there is a need to anticipate future challenges.

At a more sectoral level this has also been the case for healthcare where the digital transformation and increase in connectivity have drastically changed the threat landscape. This has become even more apparent during the current pandemic crisis where both the heavy pressure and reliance on healthcare services as well as the increase in digital and/or remote health technologies has demonstrated the critical need for cybersecurity and resilience measures.

It is clear from the recently announced EU Security Union Strategy that the NIS Directive will continue to play an instrumental role in building a future-proof security environment.

COCIR remains fully committed to work with the European Institutions, the Member States and other involved stakeholders in addressing the identified challenges.

Refer to our position paper under Related Files for more detailed comments.