Towards Global Transformation of Healthcare, our DESTINY!

COCIR at European level and DITTA at international level are contributing to the global transformation of healthcare and are continuing building awareness on importance of highly innovative medical technologies and articulating the critical role of digital health.

This week we have key representation both in Malta for the Opens external link in new windoweHealth week and in Geneva for the WHO Third Opens external link in new windowGlobal Forum on Medical Devices

We are proud for having launched this week in Malta two key publications, one on importance of Opens external link in new windowinteroperability, a joint effort together with IHE and PCHA. Another one referring to a Opens external link in new windowDigital Roadmap to support the Opens external link in new windowBlueprint initiative, in our role of Blueprint champion. We have also actively participated in Malta to the growing discussion on Data Protection Regulation which will become effective in May 2018.

In Geneva, we have been also very active as DITTA was speaking in many sessions. Click Opens external link in new windowhere to access to sessions we’ve been speaking at.

Very strategically welcomed this morning we presented at the plenary meeting the crucial role of medical and digital technologies via our ‘DESTINY’ approach and emphasised importance of multi-stakeholder efforts, articulated through the following (1) Diversity of Disease, User, Patient, Region (2) Entrepreneurial (business model, long term) (3) Social (approx. 40% of population un/underserved) (4) Technology: intelligent, intuitive, disruptive (5) Investment Long term (6) New Partners: NGO, providers, patients, government (7) Young: Evolving innovation paradigm.

While referring to the critical role of standards to support regulatory framework around the globe we issued a Opens external link in new windowPaper.
Click Opens external link in new windowhere if you want to know more on DITTA presence at Global Forum.

Next week COCIR will be present at the Opens external link in new windowB20 Health Conference in Berlin on 18 May so…

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Nicole Denjoy

12 May 2017