Industry Contribution to IAEA International Conference in Vienna

Nicole Denjoy attended on 12 December 2017 the IAEA "International Conference on Radiation Protectionin Medicine: Achieving Change in Practice" in Vienna, presenting the manufacturers’ perspective at the following events:

  1. Breakout Session, organized by the European Commission “30 Years of Regulating Medical Exposures: Progress so far, Challenges and Opportunities”. The presentation is available Initiates file downloadhere
  2. The Round Table B “How are we meeting radiation protection challenges in design and implementation of new technologies?”. The presentation is available Initiates file downloadhere

COCIR/DITTA speeches focused on the contribution provided by manufacturers to radiation protection through innovation and adoption of dose reducing/monitoring features. It was also pointed out that a way forward to increase radiation protection, is to promote the adoption of the latest technologies in hospitals and clinics, where old equipments are still used today.

Nicole Denjoy also underlined the manufacturers' efforts and ongoing work to comply with the BSS Directive in view of its implementation  early 2018, in collaboration with regulators e.g. HERCA and with relevant stakeholders e.g. ESTRO and EFOMP.