Fascinating discussions at Workshop on International UDI Application

The European Commission, in cooperation with COCIR and MedTech Europe, organised on 12 February in Brussels a workshop on the global use and application of Unique Device Identification (UDI). Planned as an introduction to the meeting of the IMDRF Working Group on UDI taking place the next days (13-15 Feb.), the workshop exceeded expectations. The room was full with around 180 participants, including regulators from around the globe and other interested stakeholders such as Notified Bodies, representation of hospitals and other key players. Exciting discussions on the opportunities and challenges of UDI created positive dynamics. Nicole Denjoy, Secretary General of COCIR gave an introductory and a closing speech and co-chaired session 3 in the afternoon. 

The workshop started with the United States as one of the frontrunners in UDI application and the European Union who is now in the middle of implementing the UDI obligations under the Medical Device Regulation. Other regulators from the different regions shared their approaches to the technical challenges as well as the opportunities that UDI can create if the entire supply chain for medical devices as well as the broader eco-system in the health care sector works together. Stakeholders well presented their views, including the global medical device industry through a joint presentation by Opens external link in new windowDITTA and Opens external link in new windowGMTA.

It remains important to follow what will be developed through the IMDRF on UDI and monitor developments in other countries in the world, considering this work item was just launched and is being chaired by European Commission.