Clarification on ROHS regulation in China for Medical Devices

On 12 July 2006, Freimut Schröder, Chair of the COCIR Environmental Affairs Focus Group had the chance to present and to discuss environmental issues with Mr Huang Jianzhong, Ministry of Information and Industry (MII) in Beijing  who is in charge of the ROHS regulations in China. 

The main findings from that meeting are: 

1. Medical Devices are in the product catalogue. This means the Medical Industry has to label their products whether they contain RoHS substances or not  - (enforcement of the Chinese law planned for March 2007)
2. Mr Huang Jianzhong said in this meeting that in his opinion the key catalogue will not include medical devices. All products mentioned in the key catalogue will have RoHS restrictions in the future. For Medical Devices this would mean no restriction of use of RoHS substances.