IHE Workshop - Healthcare IT market expansion through effective standards-based interoperability

Policymakers realize now that the difficulties to achieve interoperability between clinical Healthcare IT applications is a major barrier to improving quality and efficiency, in particular as we evolve towards a more patient centric healthcare system based on an Electronic Health(care) Record.

The interoperability foundations for such a new HIT market have been laid by an open and efficient collaborative between a broad range of Healthcare IT users and vendors. Called IHE, or Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, its effectiveness has been demonstrated by enough European (and non-European) countries that it seems time to engage the wider European market.

You are invited to this workshop hosted by the IHE-Europe Committee where its past achievements in leveraging existing healthcare interoperability standards to meet the most common interoperability requirements will be reviewed.  Your input will be sought to identify the barriers to broader adoption in your country or market. For further information see www.ihe-europe.org