COCIR initiatives on cancer

COCIR welcomes the European Commission flagship initiative on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.
Cancer care is a critical priority for COCIR and its Members.
In this section we would like to summarize all the initiatives taken by COCIR and its Members to show the value of the medical technology industries in cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and after care.

Hereafter are listed all the activities and initiatives that have been taken by COCIR and will continue throughout the next months and years.

COCIR welcomes the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

COCIR welcomes the launch of the European Commission’s Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. We support its ambition to deploy all available EU resources - political, legislative and financial – in the fight against cancer. Read more

COCIR Position Paper on Cancer

As part of the open session of our COCIR General Assembly, on 2 July 2020, we launched our COCIR Position Paper on Cancer entitled: ‘Enhancing Value in Cancer Prevention and Care: Industry Perspectives and Recommendations’. This Paper reflects the structure of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and puts forward recommendations covering each phase of the cancer continuum individually.

COCIR dedicated events on cancer:

Considering the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current trends, COCIR decided to promote the organisation of its events in a virtual form. In addition, we are privileging partnerships with other stakeholders and our agendas are organized in such a way that the critical stakeholders have an opportunity to exchange on those critical matters.
a.    On Thursday 2 July 2020: The open session of the COCIR General Assembly was dedicated to cancer, bearing the title: Beating Cancer Together. This virtual event was organized in partnership with European Cancer Leagues. Moreover, COCIR used this opportunity to launch a COCIR Position Paper [see above].
b.    On Tuesday 21 October 2020: COCIR held a virtual event in partnership with Anticancer Fund entitled: Can we improve the future of Breast Cancer Care in the EU?
c.    On Tuesday 4 November 2020: COCIR in Partnership with ESR and LuCΕ held the virtual event: How can the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan drive implementation of Lung Cancer Screening Programmes Across Europe?

COCIR contribution to public consultations

COCIR contributed so far to the dialogue with the EU policy makers via the relevant:

  •  stakeholder consultation on the Roadmap of the Europe’ Beating Cancer Plan [2 March 2020],
  •  public consultation of the Europe’ Beating Cancer Plan [20 May 2020],
  •  interview organized by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan [8 Sep 2020]

The European Commission strategy linked to Europe’ Beating Cancer Plan is expected to be communicated at the end of 2020. It aims to address cancer across the EU, based on four key pillars: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.
COCIR will continue to closely monitor the progress made in this domain.

COCIR public statements on the importance of cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Refer to the dedicated COCIR section on COVID-19.
To read more, click HERE

COCIR other public communication on Cancer

  • COCIR mandated Science Business to issue a study on Breast Cancer. This study was released in June 2019 and an associated conference organised by Science Business included a dedicated session in its programme in September 2019
  • On 11 June 2020, the COCIR blog post: Proud supporters of the European Week Against Cancer, illustrated our clear support to this initiative and presented the value of the COCIR member industries in the provision of quality and state-of-the art, innovative medical technology in cancer care.
  • On 4 February 2020, COCIR celebrated the 20th anniversary of World Cancer Day with a blog post by its Secretary General, Nicole Denjoy, who also highlighted the COCIR participation in the Union for International Cancer Control's (UICC) awareness campaign “I Am and I Will”.

COCIR involvement in EU Project ‘Innovative Partnership for Action Against Cancer’ (iPAAC)

COCIR has always been involved in initiatives linked to cancer, starting with CANCON and then EPAAC. Today COCIR is participating in iPAAC, EPAAC’s subsequent EU funded Joint Action on cancer.
iPAAC was launched on 1 April 2018 and will run until 2021. It brings together 44 partners from 24 countries and its activities are divided in 10 Work Packages [WP]. iPAAC focuses on the implementation of the recommendations deriving from the previous EU joint actions against cancer, e.g. EPAAC and CANCON. These recommendations target National Cancer Control Programmes, screening, cancer care, cancer data and cancer control networks. In addition to the above, iPAAC is tackling new areas of cancer control, such as genomics and innovative treatments.
We understand that iPAAC deliverables will be leveraged in the development and implementation of the European Commission strategy linked to the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.