November: International Awareness Month on Lung cancer

With more than a quarter of a Million lung cancer related death in the European Union per year , the potential benefits to any Lung Cancer Screening programme in Europe would be sizeable.

Cancer Care: How COCIR Industries Can Help

COCIR Launches its New Radiotherapy Blog !

European Parliament debates implementation of Medical Device Regulation

To respond to an Oral Question tabled by the ENVI Committee, the European Commission will provide answers on the implementation of the MDR during a debate in the plenary of the European Parliament.

COCIR standardisation blog launch!

14 October was World Standards Day! It is the right moment for COCIR to launch our new blog offering regular insights into European and international standardisation developments!

Spring Is Here, It's Time To Talk About Interoperability…..

Interoperability is part of COCIR’s DNA. It lies at the heart of our member’s businesses but is also a central piece of the European, national and regional digital health strategies.

Value-Based Healthcare: Answering Questions

Value based healthcare (VBHC) is increasingly viewed as the most likely way of delivering affordable and sustainable healthcare systems.

The Public Are Ready For mHealth; Are Stakeholders Ready To Scale Up To Match?

Mobile Health has been identified as a potential game-changer for health and care delivery. What does the popularity of consumer wearable health technology tell us about the future?

2017: The Digital Health Year

In the future, 2016 will be seen as the year Digital Health reached critical mass; 2017 will be the year when it is recognised as mainstream. As 2017 will be pivotal for Digital Health, COCIR wants to take the opportunity to reflect on recent evolutions and what future developments will require.