sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry


06.12.2017 Beyond The Hype Of Blockchain In Healthcare

Blockchain technology may have considerable potential in healthcare.COCIR believes that there is a number of interesting use cases where blockchain represents a potential advance or opportunity, including reimbursement of...[more]

11.05.2017 A contribution to the Blueprint on digital transformation of health and care: Digital health Roadmap to support integrated care

COCIR is happy to share its Digital Health Roadmap as a contribution to the Blueprint initiative, championed by COCIR and other digital health stakeholders. This paper offers a high-level overview of a potential technical roadmap...[more]

11.05.2017 We are all in this together: Advancing eHealth interoperability

Joint COCIR- IHE Europe - PCHAlliance paper This paper provides health policy makers with the tools to build a productive partnership with their IT teams to jointly develop a successful integrated care model. It will also help...[more]

08.12.2016 Towards Integrated Care Workflows

It is feasible to create shared and dynamic care workflows for Integrated Care teams that respond to clinical and operational changes, optimise the sequence and timing of required actions across organisational boundaries and...[more]

08.12.2016 Making Sense of Big Data Through Analytics

Big Data refers to datasets with sizes is greater than standard databases. New technology, enhanced connectivity and mobility makes it possible to combine diverse and widely distributed data sources into a combined “data lake”....[more]


Since 1996, COCIR has closely monitored the ageing of medical imaging equipment and distributed the findings through various publications.This publication is providing an executive summary of the findings based on data collected...[more]

14.09.2016 COCIR Strategic Research Agenda

In September 2016, COCIR relaunched its  Strategic Research Agenda, that aims at creating awareness of COCIR Industries Contribution to European Health & Wealth. [more]

05.07.2016 Managed Services – Innovative Business and Financial Models. Key Performance Indicators targeting EU healthcare sustainability goals

The  report sets out a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) offering the potential to measure the performance and impact of Managed Services . Equally importantly, the KPIs identified in the report can provide...[more]

08.06.2016 Realising the Potential of mHealth: Where Do We Stand?

In June 2016, COCIR published the new paper Realising the Potential of mHealth: Where Do We Stand?[more]

08.06.2016 Leveraging Cloud Computing For Healthcare

Cloud Computing has the potential to modernise healthcare delivery, increase efficiency and reduce costs by pooling IT resources. In June 2016, COCIR published the new paper Leveraging Cloud Computing For Healthcare. Under...[more]


This partnership is part of the sustained effort initiated by the VOKA health community a year ago, to accelerate mHealth adoption in Belgium and boost large-scale deployments through concerted action and multi-stakeholder...[more]

11.05.2015 COCIR eHealth Toolkit 2015

At the High level eHealth conference organised by the Latvian Ministry of Health and the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, COCIR launched the 5th edition of its eHealth Toolkit, focusing on Integrated Care...[more]

30.09.2014 ‘Better Healthcare For Europe’: COCIR Releases its Recommendations - The best time for action is now!

On 30 September 2014  COCIR released its recommendations for the EU institutions on how to improve healthcare in Europe, promoting the importance of the medical technology sector in driving efficiency and productivity of...[more]

16.07.2014 2013 SRI Status Report

COCIR's 4th annual Self-Regulatory Initiative (SRI) Status Report presents the achievements for magnetic resonance and the ecodesign goal for Computed Tomography and X-Ray. It  follows the previous reports on Ultrasound...[more]

26.05.2014 COCIR guide on EU Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) 2014-2020 for healthcare projects

The step-by-step document aims to build awareness of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and help potential beneficiaries access these funds for healthcare projects. .  It includes a foreword signed by the...[more]

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